Breathing air

The air quality of breathing air compressors consistently complies with international air quality standards such as DIN EN 12021 (European Standard)
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Fire service

The breathing air cylinder has a filling time of 5 minutes under 200/300 bar. It is possible to build a quick and safe air filling system.
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MSL Compressor offers the best equipment for production and safe engineering.
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Defense industry

Compressors for maintenance of military equipment on land, sea and air provide customized solutions in accordance with customers’ needs
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Market Categories

We introduced a 500 bar compressor for the first time in Korea, and as of 2023, we have compressor solutions of over 700 bar and are introducing a variety of products such as hydrogen compression, CNG compression, nitrogen and helium compressors.

Breathing Air Compressor

Air respirator, air compressor (fire service)
Air compressor for scuba (diving)
Air supply for breathing at sea (for fishing boats)
Air supply for breathing on land (for work)
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New Category

Health care
New Wave Culture
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Defense Industry

Airframe maintenance
For breathing (rescue/firefighting)
For defense weapon systems
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Containment Fill Station

Containment fill station for breathing air and scuba diving
Acquired performance certification from Korea Gas Safety Corporation
2, 3, 4 positon Containment fill stations
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Major Customers

We have continued to provide the highest level of air compressor technology to ensure customer satisfaction.

News about MSL

MSL Compressor Promotional Video

MSL Compressor Co.,Ltd was established in 1974 as MyoungSooLee Production. At the time, Korea's manufacturing industry was in its infancy, and the company started out as a repair and maintenance service for imported goods. The founder learned the technology and know-how he had acquired while repairing products from developed countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan. The 15 bar compressor he developed and produced in 1978 was Korea's first high-pressure two-stage compressor.
  • Core values1. Present reliable products and services.
    2. Provide quality, safety, and convenience to customers.
    3. Provide air and gas compressor solutions to boost customers’ business.
  • VisionCustomer: Achieve customer satisfaction.
    Quality: Provide with key element of success to customers.
    Flexibility: Meet various needs of customers.
    Members: Share the growth of the company with employees.​

Important Certificates

International standards for quality management systems

Certification to the requirements of basic quality management system standards such as ISO 9001 is recognized as a proven method for improving a company's performance and productivity.

CE marking of
pressure equipment according to PED requirements

PED is the abbreviation for Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU), which is a law that applies to stationary pressure equipment in the European Union. Pressure equipment (ex. Vessel, piping, pressure accessory, safety accessory) with a maximum allowable pressure (PS) of 0.5 bar or more and products consisting of such elements are subject to PED.

Fire product inspection

The structure and performance of mass-produced products are approved, compliance with technical standards is inspected, and a passing mark is attached.

Our compression technology has been consistently purchased and recognized for use by Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, POSCO Group, US Forces Korea, and Korea Gas Safety Corporation, which represent domestic high-tech technology, and is loved as a product with good performance and safety. In particular, we have established ourselves as a leader in high-purity, high-pressure gas compressors by securing not only compression technology but also original technology for compressed gas and air purification.